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Another Zbot email

There is another email going around claiming yuor mailbox has been deactivated.  This comes an attached piece of malware that downloads Zbot and other nasties to your system.  If you get an email that looks like this, you should delete

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Myspace Phish with Malware

The same phishing scheme and malware that have been effecting the IRS and Facebook is now targeting Myspace.  If you get an email that seems to be from Myspace asking you to click a link or download something to update

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iPhone Worm

If you use an iPhone, and particularly a jailbroken iPhone, you should make sure you have changed your default passwords.  See Read more here.

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Child Pornography and Malware

Many trojans give the attacker complete control of your system.  This can lead to identity theft, emptied bank accounts and child pornography being stored on your computer amongst other things.  With the latter your reputation and freedom are at stake. 

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Rogue Registry Protection/Repair

For some time now we have been fighting the scourge of Rogue Anti-Virus.  Now it seems they have branched out into Rogue Registry Tools like RegistryDefense shown below.  These rogue programs steal a lot of money and data from innocent

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The Cleaner 2010 v6.2 is released!

The latest version of our award winning anti-malware product is now available!  The major change in this version is that it downloads the database incrementally instead of the whole thing every time. The new release is available via the built-in

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Facebook spammer ordered to pay $711 million

The social networking site wins damages against noted spammer Sanford Wallace for bombarding its users with junk mail. Facebook is increasingly the target of spam and malware.  It is good to see the spammers being reigned in and we can

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