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What is Antivirus Software?

The term antivirus software refers to the computer utility software which protects the system agains...[Read More]

Best Web Browsers

The search for the best web browsers is still valid in the age of specialized applications for every...[Read More]

what is trojan horse in computer?

A trojan horse is a form of computer malware which appears to be a harmless program but infects the ...[Read More]

What is Adware?

Adware is one of the most common types of computer malware which threatens unprotected computers and...[Read More]

How Should I Protect My PC From Malware And Viruses?

how can i protect my pc from viruses? The life in the twenty first century is reliant on the use of ...[Read More]


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Top 4 PS4 Games Coming In 2018 That You Must Play

Do you have a PS4? If you have it then you are one of the lucky people that can enjoy the best games in the world. We love PS4 games and now we will g...

Eye scans algorithm Google used for predicting heart disease risk

Heart disease and heart attack is a major health problem in most countries, and the conventional methods of checking for heart disease are expensive, ...

Chrome all-new and mighty ad blocker goes live

Have you been intermittently annoyed by ‘prestitial’ ads and their usual countdown , and pop-ups with sound volume equalling that of a sta...

Only Winners Use Google Pay, Android Pay Is For The Rest

Android pay and Google Pay are digital wallets created by Google in 2015 to enable prompt transfer of funds using android devices (phones, tablets, sm...

Windows 10 to be improved more by an Insider’s system of “Cohorts”

Microsoft is currently working and testing a new system for user feedback available only to Windows Insiders. This will be the system of “Cohort...

About Samsung Galaxy S9 release date, price, news and rumors

We all loved everything about the Galaxy S8.The elegant design it had, the greatly improved features and the new curved style gave the phone its huge ...

How To Secure Your Passwords

Another large website was hacked today and email addresses and passwords of over a million people were stolen from the Ubuntu community forum. This fo...

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