About MooSoft

Moosoft Development has been offering safe, fast and reliable malware protection software since 1998. The Cleaner was the first malware remover program on the market, originally written to counter the Back Orifice trojan. It quickly grew to detect many thousands of malicious programs and continues to grow today. Compare anti-virus software to The Cleaner to see why it’s still considered the best consumer choice.

Please see the expanded history page for more about MooSoft and The Cleaner.

What people are saying:

The Cleaner is a solid addition to any security setup a user might already have installed on the computer system"

~ Martin Brinkmann - Ghacks

"The Cleaner is recommended if you want to add extra protection that works along with an antivirus program to provide real-time protection. "

~ Bright Hub Media

"We used Moosoft and The Cleaner at our office to clean and then protect all of our agent's computers. After clearing all malware off, we have been malware free since!"

~ Sarah Willig BerkshireLakes.com