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Java Exploit in the Wild

There is problem with the latest version of Java that allows a malicious webpage to install malware automatically on your computer.  The solution is to disable Java until it is patched. Most people will not have Java installed by default. 

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LinkedIn Passwords Stolen

Millions of passwords were stolen from the popular business social media site LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn account you should change your password immediately. Update: It now appears that eHarmony passwords have also been stolen. Change your password

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Late Summer Sale

We’re running a great sale right now.  If you want to buy a new license, renew or add time to your current license you can do so now for the amazing price of only $5.99!

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Announcing Integra System Monitor Beta

Purpose Integra takes a snapshot of the current system which can then be compared to a snapshot in the future. Any changes to monitored drives and registry hives will be highlighted.  This information can be used to track changes to

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New Sale!

Mea Culpa.  The last sale had an error in the link which caused it to fail for customers but work perfectly on our test browsers.  As a result, nobody was able to take advantage of the sale.  In response, we

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Summer Heat Sale

Starting at 2am EST we will be holding a 50% off sale on The Cleaner 2012 1-year subscription.  You can click the image here, on the home page or through the news display in The Cleaner 2012 trial version. The

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Catastrophe Malware Warning

As always the bad guys will be looking to capitalize on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and any other effected places. Be alert if you go looking for video, pictures or any kind of news on Google or other

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Charlie Sheen Leads to Malware

The obsession over the antics of Charlie Sheen has led malware authors and distributors to link the name with their Fake Antivirus programs.  Searching for anything about him in Google is likely to get you infected. MooSoft and The Cleaner

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Price Changes

We will be implementing a price structure change on March 15th and we invite you to read the details and give feedback at Thank you!

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March 5th Promotion

This Saturday, Marth 5th, for 24 hours.  Get a full year subscription for The Cleaner 2012 for only $9.98! The subscription offers you expanded features like scheduling, real-time protection and technical support. This is a great opportunity to get your

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