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Christmas Criminals

Criminals have been in full swing trying to take advantage of Christmas shoppers.  This will only get worse as it gets closer and last minute shoppers are perhaps a little less vigilant.  Stay safe out there.   Don’t click links

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Java Exploit in the Wild

There is problem with the latest version of Java that allows a malicious webpage to install malware automatically on your computer.  The solution is to disable Java until it is patched. Most people will not have Java installed by default. 

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Catastrophe Malware Warning

As always the bad guys will be looking to capitalize on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and any other effected places. Be alert if you go looking for video, pictures or any kind of news on Google or other

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Charlie Sheen Leads to Malware

The obsession over the antics of Charlie Sheen has led malware authors and distributors to link the name with their Fake Antivirus programs.  Searching for anything about him in Google is likely to get you infected. MooSoft and The Cleaner

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Ad Networks Serve Up Malware

According to an article on Slashdot there was a problem with advertising being loaded with drive-by malware installation. If you were unlucky enough to become infected you can use The Cleaner 2011 to clean up the mess and get your

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Chile Earthquake and Tsunami Searches Lead to Roge AV

The bad guys wasted no time in exploiting people searching Google for news about the earthquake and tsunami. We are working diligently to protect our customers from this threat.

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State of Internet Security

Websense reports that malware is on the rise and the methods of spreading it are changing. 13.7 percent of searches for trending news/buzz words (as defined by Yahoo Buzz & Google Trends) lead to malware 95 percent of user-generated comments

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Firefox Addons Lead to Malware

From the Mozilla Add-ons blog: Two experimental add-ons, Version 4.0 of Sothink Web Video Downloader and all versions of Master Filer were found to contain Trojan code aimed at Windows users. Version 4.0 of Sothink Web Video Downloader contained Win32.LdPinch.gen,

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Facebook “Unnamed App” Hoax Leads to Rogue AV

There is a hoax going around on Facebook about a bad application called “Unnamed App.”  This is leading people to Google for information on it which is turning up results for Rogue Anti-Virus.  These Rogue Anti-Virus applications try to trick

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Malware now exploiting the IE flaw

There is now malware in the wild exploiting the IE flaw as reported here.  If you haven’t already followed the suggestions there you should do so now.

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