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Internet Explorer 0-Day Exploit Allows Remote Code Execution

What is is: A malicious website can be crafted that will allow IE to be compromised and allow code to be executed on your computer. What is affected: Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8. What you can do: Get

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Haiti Earthquake Malware

Hot on the heels of the earthquake in Haiti the rogue AV people have once again poisoned Google search.  If you are searching for information about the disaster be very careful of the links you click on.  Do not download

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Facbook and Zbot Again

The latest Facebook and Zbot run starts with an email like this: From:     Facebook <update+eikyxpuvsr@[].com> To:     <> Subject:     Facebook Account Update or Facebook Update Tool Dear Facebook user, In an effort to make your online experience safer

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Latest Zbot Campaign

The latest Zbot campaign claims to be a package of photographs that you need to download and run to see.  This is the malware delivery.  If you see a site like this you should close it immediately. The Cleaner 2010

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Yet Another iPhone Worm

There is a third worm in the wild targeting the iPhone. Change the root password if you have a jail broken iPhone before it is too late. There is a tutorial here: A source who’s seen the worm in

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Social Security Phish with Malware

The scam starts with an email that contains a link to the phishing site. From: Social Security Administration <> To: <> Subject: Review your annual Social Security statement Due to possible calculation errors, your annual Social Security statement may contain

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Update to iPhone worm

See previous story here. There is a new malicious iPhone worm spreading.  It uses the same method to infect the iPhone as the previous worm.  You must change the default password on your phone, especially if it is jailbroken. Once

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New spam with Sasfis attached

There is a new set of spam emails going around that looks like this: We recorded a payment request from [company name] to enable the charge of [amount] on your account. The payment is pending for the moment. If you

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Couple arrested in Manchester over alleged Zbot trojan distribution

Reports are coming in of an important arrest in connection with the now-infamous Zbot group of trojan malware. Read more here.

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Another Zbot email

There is another email going around claiming yuor mailbox has been deactivated.  This comes an attached piece of malware that downloads Zbot and other nasties to your system.  If you get an email that looks like this, you should delete

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