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Features: Adobe Air now supports 3D graphics due to the newly added features. It can manage tabs / window, files and console applications. There is a menu bar included which has all the options, so users can easily use the required features. It supports multithreading feature for ActionScript3 programs. Other documents or fragments can be added to the applications by using drag and drop option. You can use touch screen options for mobile applications. Moreover, the Applications can be built by using HTTPS, UDP and TCP protocols for adding network security.

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Adobe Air is a software and cross-operating program that allows developers to combine multiple programs to deploy applications on a variety of devices which includes Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. Adobe Air apps would run on all types of platforms which includes Windows XP. Windows Vista, Linux and Mac. Adobe Air allows developers to access the full functionality of Adobe Flash. This allows software developers to construct applications outside a web browser which behaves like a native application on supported systems. Adobe Air Software also includes file system integration, desktop integration among other features. Adobe Air allows developers to transfer projects from older Flash programs to Adobe Air with little or no code changes. Adobe Air enables developers to develop applications with a rich design and functionalities. The software also supports declarative programming via FLEX. Adobe Air Software has a size of 10MB.