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Adobe Shockwave Player was initially developed by Macromedia organization but later the proprietorship was transferred to Adobe Systems. It latest stable version is launched recently in the last week of December 2015. It is a web based software that was designed for Web browsers. Its main purpose is to display high quality graphics from internet on your browsers. In case the tool is not updated then the browser won’t show you quite a few images or games until you have installed its latest version.

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Adobe Shockwave Player is a plug-in that works with web browsers. Its presence often is not noticed by the users and they come to know of it only when a website asks them to update the version to latest for running advanced graphics in action games and videos. It is a freeware and can be installed easily on your system. It occupies low memory space of 4-5 MB. Though many similar plugins have been introduced, yet its popularity has not decreased. With all these features it is recommended software that you should install for better internet experience.

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