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Avira Internet Security
Avira Internet Security

Avira Internet Security 2018 is a whole suite for system protection that contains a Firewall, Antivirus tool and Internet Protection feature. It lets you browse internet in a secure way and keeps an eye on all your searches to make sure that no unwanted or harmful content is downloaded into your system. It protects your system from the hackers and external intrusion. It is updated regularly for enhancing its functionalities and effectiveness. It is a comprehensive tool with size of around 300 MB.

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Avira Intermet Security is a computer system protection software that leverages the advanced capabilities of a system’s built-in firewall. It also protects a computer system from being taken over by malicious hackers. Furthermore, it secures surfing and shopping ensuring that your financial data is not compromised. Avira features a scout browser that is based on Chrome which comes with some nifty built-in additions. These performs functions such as blocking trackers, and enforcing HTTP connections. Its tracker blocking feature helps ensure that users get better shopping deals. The Avira Software offers a free system speedup feature that scans a computer system to perform various optimizations. Avira Internet Security Software comes with a free software updater which deals with the most recent threats to computer systems. Avira software help block malware during a file download. Avira Internet Security Software offers a Password Manager, Free Phantom VPN and Free System Speedup features.