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CCleaner 5.40.6411

CCleaner 2018 - With all the activities and surfing and downloading that we do on our laptops and computers, a lot of junk is bound to accumulate, causing the device to slow down. Ccleaner is among the cleaning applications that help in clearing this junk, while at the same time preserving the files that you hold important. It has been the most popular cleaner since its launch, and continues to maintain that reputation.

Why should you choose CCleaner?
The Ccleaner is highly efficient, and unlike most of the other cleaners that tend to take up a lot of space on the laptop, it keeps most of your RAM free. It has an intelligent scanning system to mark out the Cache downloaded together with any of your softwares. Furthermore, it does not attempt to delete any files that do not classify as junk or Cache, which is an added bonus: you do not need to skim through its check list to uncheck the boxes of files which you would want to keep.

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