McAfee Total Protection 2018

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McAfee Total Protection 2018
McAfee Total Protection 2018

McAfee Total Protection 2018 works at faster speed. The detection of virus or spam does not take time. As soon as it detects harmful data, it will prompt you for action. It will also notify you if it finds that the websites that you have visited or the messages and Emails that you have received, are harmful. Along with providing all these security benefits, it is small software and does not occupy large memory space. You can easily use it without worrying about overloading the memory space of your system.

Users will get unique file encryption utility and additional licenses for upgrading to McAfee Total Protection from McAfee Internet Security. Every device in your domicile will experience cross-platform protection. There is total file encryption when using the software. For True key password manager, you can get up to five licenses. With this application, it is easy for users to install protection on each Windows PC, iOS, Android and macOS. For people with modern and classic multi-household, the application makes a perfect sense. For storing sensitive and important files, you can make use of the application to create several encrypted vaults. As possible as it could be on any other drive, the application makes it effective to use data in an open vault. The software will not provide users any security protection on iOS, Android, or macOS devices. The application comes with 3 basic items such as the McAfee Web Advisor, a file shredder for getting rid of sensitive documents and True Key identity manager