MediaCoder 0.8.51 Build 5911

0.8.51 Build 5911
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MediaCoder 0.8.51 Build 5911
MediaCoder 0.8.51 Build 5911

MediaCoder is a perfect choice for music lovers who are experienced with complex audio and video tools. The new users might get confused due to the complex interface and options. But once the users have come to know the details about how it is used, they will surely love it. The software offers conversion of audio and video files into multiple formats. According to the developer it is actually a combination of open source audio and video tools. This software is also available for free.

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MediaCoder contains a long list of options that can only be understood after you have thoroughly used them. It is a great tool for audiophiles who are familiar with complex audio and video tools. It is a free software but ads are added in the software to cover the expenses. You can donate the money as well if you want to help.

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