Microsoft Outlook 2018 Review


Emails are one of the most popular methods for communication. These are mostly preferred by users to communicate about professional or important matters. Many people use multiple Email accounts by different service providers and dedicate each account for a separate purpose. The users want easy access to all the accounts so that they can stay updated about every significant happening. In order to facilitate users and to propose a solution for this problem area, Microsoft had released Microsoft Outlook. It is a proprietary tool that manages all your Email accounts and synchronizes them with Calendars.

Email Accounts:
The major aim of Microsoft Outlook is to help the users in such a way that they need not to open Email addresses in separate browser window whenever they want to check any new incoming Emails or wish to send important mails. It can efficiently configure all your accounts within a single app window. It lets you log in to all your IDs via latest passwords and does not apply any limit to number of accessible accounts. A lot of your time and efforts can be saved with the help of this useful app. It automatically refreshes the data after particular time periods, but you can manually refresh it whenever you want.

Microsoft Outlook lets you organize your daily schedules and remember significant events with the help of its Calendar section. You can switch to this mode by clicking the suitable option at the bottom left of software window. It synchronizes all the calendar events and birthdays of your friends or colleagues by accessing your Email accounts information. There are different kinds of calendars available for ease of users such as Regular one as well as Holiday Calendar that highlights the national holidays of chosen countries. You can move to particular dates, mark new events and take printout for remembering them.

Other Features:
Microsoft Outlook keeps record of all your contacts in an address book and lets you manage them or create business cards for them. The application lets you personalize the look of application through its Option menu. You can choose theme colors along with background images. All your Email accounts can me maintained via Manage Accounts settings. You can add new accounts, delete older ones and can change their settings. Weather display can be handled by choosing the required unit of temperature. In addition, you can visit Help section, enable local content, give feedback and have a look at new features.

Microsoft Outlook is an efficient organizing and management desktop application that saves you from a lot of trouble. The easy access to multiple accounts at a single place helps you receive and send Emails to various contacts with easy steps. Furthermore, it reminds you of important happenings with Calendar tab where all birthdays, events and national holidays are present. That way, you do not forget important dates and can remind your colleagues too by sending the reminders in Email attachments. In brief, it is an amazing application that can be used easily due to its simple user interface.




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