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Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) has been tested in several live threat environments in order to judge its capability and unique features. It is a famous brand that is trusted by a huge volume of Window’s users to protect their system and other essential files from, external and internal threats. Though developers have recommended using the product for only basic protection, but many people label it to be a comprehensive protection solution. Microsoft Security Essentials was launched only a few years ago, but it has managed to gain trust of many people. Microsoft has been criticized occasionally for its low-profile Window’s protection features, but this protection software has filled the gap. It possesses both – antimalware and antivirus protection capabilities.

You don’t need to schedule any special scan session. Microsoft Security Essentials will run a quick scan once, every seven days. Make sure that the PC is on during the time of scanning so, that you don’t miss any important details. You can even adjust the time for scanning your PC for viruses. To make sure that your work is not disturbed and the PC is scanned fully for any sorts of viruses. For custom scan, you can choose any special files or folders and scan them. In the same manner, you can even scan the removable drives. There is one important thing to tell here, you must make use of MSE to detect any sort of malware in zip files. Don’t turn off the option of archive scanning.

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