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OpenVPN 2.4.4
OpenVPN 2.4.4

OpenVPN is an open source application that is one of the most popular methods of enabling privacy on computers. It is a free tool which can be easily installed on Windows, iOS, Android or Mac OS. Separate versions of the software are available for home and business users so that they can perform different kinds of tasks under a single tool. It helps users implement Virtual Private Network on their devices and keep sensitive information secure from the access of intruders. The product was originally developed by James Yonan and is now released under the banner of OpenVPN Technologies Inc.

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OpenVPN allows you to perform peer to peer communication or general web browsing in a secure manner. It is a free tool that can be easily installed via Setup Wizard. Its flexibility is helpful in securing different kinds of network connections. The security application is suitable for both home users and professional users who intend to hide their personal information.

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