PhoneClean 5.1.1 Review

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PhoneClean is a professional solution that helps you manage your iDevice in an efficient manner. It helps you clean useless data from device memory to free up space. You can also create backup of useful data to avoid losing it. It significantly enhances system performance by taking back the control of resources. It is a free application that contains a rich user interface. You can get the software for your Windows PC and can manage devices with latest iOS version.

Cleaning Process:
The software provides different modes for cleaning of iDevices. Silent Clean feature cleans device in background as soon as it is connected to PC. Quick Clean mode removes junk to release memory space. Internet Clean ensures privacy by removing web browsing history and cache. It also provides protection from malware and spyware. Privacy Clean tool shreds files to protect sensitive data. System Clean mode cleans device thoroughly and removes useless apps. Erase Clean formats your device and erases all data files and folders.

Backup Device:
PhoneClean manages all backups created on your PC. It detects iOS devices and displays all of its backups. It displays relevant information such as file name, size, date, source and operation to help you find backup easily. The application manages all backups on a single platform and helps you retrieve lost data on your device anytime.

It is an efficient tool that manages memory space of your mobile device effectively. It releases resources from junk files and useless data that are not worth keeping. Cache data, temporary files, website cookies and junk files are removed. It also ensures that your iPhone stays safe from malware threats. You can recover lost memory space and utilize it for more important purposes.

PhoneClean maintains the performance of your iDevice and makes it new as if it is purchased just now. It performs maintenance of your mobile device in background and does not affect speed of computer. Moreover, it does not generate alerts or notification to avoid interruption. It helps you boost up your old device by removal of data. Hence you can make the most of your device through efficient performance. It gathers all maintenance utilities at one place to facilitate users.

This application plays a vital role in ensuring your privacy. Oftentimes, you store confidential files on your mobile phone. If these files are leaked, you may have to face consequences. The software carefully removes these files from your iDevice. It shreds the documents so that no one else can recover it. Moreover, it provides a secure internet browsing experience. Its Internet Clean option maintains a secure environment where your browsing is safe from hacking attacks.

PhoneClean is a professional application that manages your iPhone. It comes equipped with almost all functions that can speed up your processor. It removes junk files, manages backups, maintains privacy and provides a secure environment for internet browsing. It is a reliable tool that can be used by beginners and professionals due to its intuitive interface.




Mobile Phone Tools Software - 9.9
Clean iPhone Software - 9