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Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 17.00 (
Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 17.00 (

Quick Heal has been in the market for almost 25 years now, and has been able to dish out numerous software programs and IT security systems over the years. The latest offering from the company, the Quick Heal Antivirus Pro is another powerful antivirus software program for computers that the company has been able to dish out. The antivirus has a lot of beneficial features that include:

The interface of the Quick Heal Antivirus Pro remains slightly cluttered. While the interface is not intuitive, it offers the most working environment to areas such as external drives, network & internet, emails and folder & files. It implies that you will have more access to functions such as “check the exterior drive or “scan this folder”. Settings are only displayed by clicking a button. Nevertheless, you will not have to click of the buttons again provided the program in configured. Users will discover a quick scanning procedure when using the antivirus program. Another amazing feature of the antivirus program is that it remains safe to use. To stop infected sites from operating, the program is designed with a URL filter. The surprising firewall feature makes the software highly exceptional. Web browsers will not be able to modify or access system folders due to the security module limitations found in the setting of the program. The software prevents malware access to your key presses with the help of the program anti-keylogger feature.

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