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Tixati 2.56

Tixati is originally a BitTorrent client that enables users to easily find and download torrent files from many websites. It is a proprietary tool that is compatible with Microsoft Windows as well as Linux operating system. It can be used for safely downloading legal content via internet at considerably fast speed. Its dominant property is that it is capable of running on low system resources, due to which overall performance of PC remains unaffected. Furthermore, it allows users to chat with their friends by creating chat rooms or connecting to forums.

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Tixati is a lesser known BitTorrent client through which peer to peer file sharing is possible. It ensures the security of shared data by encrypting it with advanced techniques. Bandwidth allocation can be configured deeply to avoid bottleneck issue and transfer files with ease. Content sharing with specific group of users is made possible with Channels. Moreover, you can stream video and audio by creating personalized channels.

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