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UsbFix 2018 10.016
UsbFix 2018 10.016

As the name suggests, UsbFix is an efficient computer application that helps you keep your USB flash drives or external storage devices secure by removing malware content. It is a free product that analyzes the content stored in USB, external hard disk, mobile phone or music players in order to verify that they are free from harmful viruses that can affect your PC and cause loss of important data. It any malware is found on storage devices then it efficiently removes only those files that contain virus. It is an effective computer utility that should be used whenever any external peripheral is connected to PC.

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UsbFix is a network security tool that can work according to your requirements. Its Options menu lets you customize various settings. It is a multilingual tool and you can choose English, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese as default language. You can select appropriate format for reports of scan results and can get them in BBCode, HTML, CCM or KiosKea formats. Detection of network disk can be enabled for scan of drives connected via network. Furthermore, you can enable or disable listings and auto-run functions for device scan and reports generation.

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