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ZoneAlarm Free 2018 15.1.522.17528

ZoneAlarm Free 2018 was launched in February 2000 by Zone Labs and was later acquired by CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd. It is a great Firewall and Anti-virus solution that decreases the exposure of your system to online threats by making its virtual ports invisible to unauthorized networks. It can efficiently detect attacks of intruders and can repel them subsequently. It is the free edition of this software that can’t be used for commercial purpose. It is compatible with many other firewalls and can work easily in their presence too.

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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall provides a range of supported features such as ZoneAlarm firewall, services related to identity protection, control for applications, free 2 GB online backup and various browser security through spy website blocking, Website authentication and protection against Anti-phishing. Two way firewall proactively makes the user invisible against hackers. It detects and protects against any inbound/outbound attacks and disables any malicious programs instantly. Its Advanced Firewall feature spots any online suspicious behavior and stops attacks. It enables protection against newly released advanced attacks and defeats them that other traditional firewalls easily misses, the silent attacks are prevented to gain access to system by Zero-hour Protection. Operating system is shielded using Application control and Early Boot Protection. Additional protection layer features ensures unsurpassed security. Secure firewall protection is deployed when additional wireless networks are detected by Automatic Wireless security. Real time updates for security is provided through DefenseNet™, quickly respond to threats and protects PC from any latest attacks.