Java Exploit in the Wild

Java_LogoThere is problem with the latest version of Java that allows a malicious webpage to install malware automatically on your computer.  The solution is to disable Java until it is patched.

Most people will not have Java installed by default.  Browsers come with JavaScript which is not vulnerable to this exploit.  Only version 1.7 of Java is vulnerable.

Online test to find out if you have Java installed and what version it is.

If you have a vulnerable version of Java installed here is what you need to do.



Type in: “chrome://plugins/” into the address bar. Scroll down to Java and click disable.



Press Firefox button- Add-ons, go to Plugins and click the disable button next to anything named Java.



Type in opera:plugins into the address bar. Scroll to: Java Platform and Java Deployment Toolkit and disable them both.



Click here for instructions


Internet Explorer

Press the left-alt key to open the menu.  Click Tools | Internet Options | Advanced.  If Java is installed in your browser, you will see a listing for Sun Java in the Internet Options menu.  Un-check it to disable.


Click here for more information

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