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Facebook Contest

We’re running an ad on Facebook and if you are lucky enough to spot it, take a screenshot of it with your profile included and send it to [email protected] and we will give you a free 1-year license.  The first

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Facebook “Unnamed App” Hoax Leads to Rogue AV

There is a hoax going around on Facebook about a bad application called “Unnamed App.”  This is leading people to Google for information on it which is turning up results for Rogue Anti-Virus.  These Rogue Anti-Virus applications try to trick

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Facbook and Zbot Again

The latest Facebook and Zbot run starts with an email like this: From:     Facebook <update+eikyxpuvsr@[].com> To:     <> Subject:     Facebook Account Update or Facebook Update Tool Dear Facebook user, In an effort to make your online experience safer

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Facebook Clickjacking

The latest attack on Facebook is a clickjacking that will share the website on your Facebook page.  Do not click the button!  You can avoid clickjacking in Firefox by using the noscript plugin. The text reads “Want 2 C Something

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Facebook spammer ordered to pay $711 million

The social networking site wins damages against noted spammer Sanford Wallace for bombarding its users with junk mail. Facebook is increasingly the target of spam and malware.  It is good to see the spammers being reigned in and we can

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Facebook spam comes with malware

A botnet is now targeting Facebook with an email  message that reads: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation. Hey , Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed. You can find your new password

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