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Child Pornography and Malware

Many trojans give the attacker complete control of your system.  This can lead to identity theft, emptied bank accounts and child pornography being stored on your computer amongst other things.  With the latter your reputation and freedom are at stake. 

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Facebook spam comes with malware

A botnet is now targeting Facebook with an email  message that reads: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation. Hey , Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed. You can find your new password

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Twitter Spam Leads to Malware

Twitter spam claiming to be “Google Wave” invites leads to malware called TDSS.  If you see anything like this please do not follow the links. The Cleaner 2010 users are protected from this in the latest database update. Read more

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Halloween Malware

Google is currently being bombed with Halloween related search poisoning.  Beware of searched sites offering anti-virus they are fake! The Cleaner 2010 users are protected from this with the current database.

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Facebook phish and Zbot malware

Watch out for emails with the subject “Facebook account update”, it’s a scam!  Once they have stolen your Facebook id the next step is getting you download updatetool.exe The body of email looks like this: In an effort to make

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Windows 7?

You may be wondering if The Cleaner 2010 works with Windows 7.  It does indeed and very well!  The Cleaner 2010 has been rigorously tested on Windows XP SP3, WindowsVista and Windows 7.

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Program Updates

The Cleaner 2010 and TCActive! were both updated tonight.  The changes were mainly stability related.

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Fake AV Programs

I have been seeing a lot of Fake Anti-Virus programs.  If you see something like this, close it and do not download anything offered.  Here is a screenshot of what one of these typically looks like:

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