The Cleaner 9 Beta Update


There are some big changes in this update!

The trial version now requires a registration key to activate which has caused most of the registration code to be re-written.  We were getting killed with stolen/cracked copies using up bandwidth and resources.  The overload has been causing crashes and performance issues.  This change is to combat the resource drain and hopefully the process is as painless as possible.  This is all new code though so debugging has reset to square one.   Trial users will have a slightly lower service level.  Downloads will not be quite as fast as for to registered users.  This is required to unburden the server.   We have been approaching 4 terabytes / month in bandwidth and this will stop stolen/cracked copies from being able to get updates at all.

Updates have been consolidated into one process.  Instead of multiple downloads and checks for updates the updates are now centrally collected and packaged.  This will reduce traffic on the server.

Due to the changes is recommended that you completely uninstall and manually check that the installation folder has been removed.

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