usb drive

The Cleaner Portable

This is a specially compiled version of The Cleaner is designed to run on USB thumb drives.

It has some limitations such as:

  • No installer/uninstaller
  • No connection to live news at startup
  • No auto-check for updates at startup
  • No Real-time scanner included
  • No Helper Service included, this may limit the ability to remove rootkits.
  • The Cleaner will not attempt to upgrade the program or check for program updates, database updates work as normal.
  • It is not suitable to be run off a CD/DVD-ROM, only a USB drive.

What people are saying:

The Cleaner is a solid addition to any security setup a user might already have installed on the computer system"

~ Martin Brinkmann - Ghacks

"The Cleaner is recommended if you want to add extra protection that works along with an antivirus program to provide real-time protection. "

~ Bright Hub Media

"We used Moosoft and The Cleaner at our office to clean and then protect all of our agent's computers. After clearing all malware off, we have been malware free since!"

~ Sarah Willig