What happened?

Band_Aid_HelpWhat happened when the site went down?

Last Friday, the 12th, our site went down.  After talking with our data center people we were told the RAID (a bunch of hard drives acting as one large hard drive) was rebuilding.  This means the storage had a problem.

At this time I redirected to another server with a message about the site being down.

By Saturday the storage had still not been recovered and we were told it was being worked on.  Later that evening we were asked to provide our latest backup.  This was not a good sign.  The facility should have been making backups regularly but apparently they were not.  I uploaded our last backup and it was restored.  But not without problems.

I was able to get the key validation database up very quickly so The Cleaner will honor registered users and operate properly.  The malware signature database has been more of a problem.

In assessing the damage the online malware database was missing a large number of entries.  There are typically around 30K added per day.  Fortunately, there are multiple current backups of the database and it just took some time to merge them back in.  But now the version continuity is lost.  That means no individual program now knows where it is in the chain of updates.  This will require a large update to synchronize.  That will be available very soon.

The site once restored was missing a lot of links and had become unstable after the restore.

On the 16th and 17th we were working with the data center to resolve a number of problems that were being discovered.  I spent a lot of time trying to fix the web site.

On the 18th I exported the site data and wiped the whole thing.  Then I rebuilt it and imported all the pages and posts.

On the 19th, I have been finalizing and testing things but they are looking good.  The web site is up and running but will still needs some work.  The database is now complete and up to date and ready to receive new updates which will happen tomorrow or earlier barring any delays.  The “catch-up” update will be available shortly.

The malware database is once again live and you can do an update.  Unfortunately, this will be a very large download to catch up the database.  Sorry about that!

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