Blender Software

Blender software offers a comprehensive interface for a high tech digital video environment. It’s compatible with many other programs so you can bring your dreams to life. Your Blender download includes all of this


The Cycles software uses a perfectly unbiased rendering engine, which means it will produce a correct result in the best way possible at the expense of being slower. The strength of raytracing is that you can control exactly how an object reflects or lets light pass through, making it very easy to add effects such as caustics and reflections. It is also very easy to control exactly what passes through the surface and what doesn’t, giving you a lot of artistic freedom.


Blender’s Modeling tools are innovative and easy to use. It includes many features like subdivision modeling, N-Greedy algorithm’s like LoopTools or HyperNURB (developed by Christian Rouet), boolean operations, multi-resolution sculpting tools and much more. The goal of Blender is to give you all the tools necessary for 3D creation within one application.


With advanced features like brushes, dynamic topology, and masking, Blender’s Sculpting is transformative. Sculpting with Blender is freeform, direct, and fast.


Create stunning moving images with Blender’s animation features. Take a look at some of the amazing tools:

Pipeline Integration

Render layers, sequencer, curves.

Graphic Tablet Support

Motion tracking, Paint and Sculpt Animation.

Smoke Simulator

Using the smoke simulator to create custom motions.

Keying & Matte Tools

Compositing your animation for visual impact.


Built-in simulation features allow you to create amazing digital creations that you can seamlessly integrate in a project. The simulations in Blender can range from simple physics, dynamic forces and particle effects to extremely complex water surfaces, fluid dynamics and soft body dynamics.

Videos’ Editing

With up to 32 slots for video editing, it is a great ecosystem for videographers. From simple edits to more complex mixing, you can do it all with Blender.

Applying different kinds of effects in non-linear editing (NLE) lets you apply changes to individual clips and groups of clips without affecting other clips. Preview your shots as you work and even work in audio mixes.


Adding extensions helps create bespoke footage. Turn individual features on and off and for each clip. Explore the 3D printing toolbox, rigify meta-rigging systrem, and import or export formats from other platforms like Adobe After Effects, DirectX, Unreal Game Engine and more.

Video Effects

With compositing and motion tracking, get all of the most amazing details in your video project. All these features are fully integrated into Blender’s node system.

Compositing is the process of combining two or more images together. Compositing is the keystone for many effects; without it there would be no color correction, no logo or text overlay, etc.

On the other hand, motion tracking is the process of automatically extracting scene data (such as 3D camera movements) from a video clip by analyzing pairs of images within it. It has applications in VFX and video production—the latter including stabilizing clips against frame-by-frame variations, quick cuts representing different camera angles, and compositing.

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