This is a registry and PC cleaning software. It is an outstanding solution for cleaning files and fixing registry problems on your computer. The software is used to scan and repair any hardware and hard disk problem. The program generally works by scanning your computer, identifying the issues and giving you the freedom to choose the action to take. Despite the issue your computer is having, CCleaner will do the scanning and fixing for you fantastically.

Ccleaner software has many features. If you want to speed up your computer, you can use this software to do the task for you. It gives you the freedom to customize the settings to meet your needs. It is flexible enough to give you the freedom to set repairing or scanning patterns.


Ccleaner is faster scanning software. It has the capability of seeing more than 2000 issues within 80 seconds. It can help you find missing shared DLLs, failed application paths, unused file extension, etc. All the scanning is done in the background while keeping you updated through notifications. You will be able to use your computer while the scanning is going on.


Ccleaner provides you with you with an option to create a restore point or backup file in case something unexpected happens. The software is designed to provide you with a list of threats found on your computers, the errors and any other registry issue. You will also be able to manually choose the action to take.


• Provides real-time system monitoring
• Has a simple and easy to use interface
• Faster scans and repairs
• Good customer support.
• Provides good system-performance improvement
• Has privacy-protecting features
• Provides Built-in secure-deletion tool


• Have fewer offers for Mac users.


Ccleaner is good software for improving the performance of your computer. It has fine features and an interactive interface that provides you with the freedom you need in controlling your PC.