Exploring the Free Open Source Office Suite LIbreOffice

With its wide range of available office-suite products, easy accessibility and ability to produce professional-looking documents, financial products, brochures and more, LibreOffice is one of the most well-known, free open-source, office suite software platforms available today.

Available to business owners, financial firms and individuals alike, LibreOffice gives you access to powerful productivity tools – such as a database program, a math-formula editor, a drawing program, a word processor and a presentation app – at no cost to you. Offering a feature set that is comparable to Microsoft Office, this desktop-style office suite increases your productivity and creativity with each use.

With your LibreOffice download, you’ll get a full-featured desktop publishing and word processing tool called Writer, a comprehensive spreadsheet with advanced functions known as Calc, a powerful database manager called Base and a graphic-document creating tool known as Draw. You also get access to a chart creation module, long-term data storage capabilities, a complete set of templates for presentations and a math editor for scientific and mathematical formulas.

If you’re looking to cut costs or don’t have the money to pay for an elaborate set of office-suite programs, this software platform is an ideal choice since its compatible with all of the formats Microsoft Office offers. If you need to collaborate with other Office users, you can save and open a host of file formats, including .DOC, .DOCX, .PPX and more.

If you’re hoping for a user experience similar to Microsoft Office, you’re in luck. A traditional set of toolbars and icons makes it easy to switch platforms, and you can easily navigate through each set of tools using a mouse or keyboard.

Although the available templates may seem limited at first glance, you’ll soon find LibreOffice provides a host of templates and plug-ins you can install using the extension center. From additional language options to advanced grammar tools and accessibility options, this free, open-source platform is in many ways a rival to Microsoft Office when you add these extensions.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the subscription required or paid versions of Microsoft Word, Writer is an excellent choice. With its familiar but simple-to-use interface, this free word processor remains true to its core purpose – creating professional-looking content. And, if you want Writer’s toolbar to resemble that of Microsoft Word – or if you’re a Google Docs fan – you can customize the toolbar to create that familiar look.

LibreOffice has a grassroots community of supporters (and coders) who are constantly fine-tuning the platform and improving the functions and tools currently in place. Additionally, the community actually uses the suite of products and delivers updates in a manner that average users can understand.

Whether you use Linux, macOS or Windows, this free office suite of products is one of only a handful of open-source software platforms that work on all of the well-known operating systems. Finally, this incredible collaborative effort of community software developers is on par with the most popular paid versions of office and productivity software in existence today.