ExpressVPN Features

ExpressVPN Features

Public networks are often considered unsafe by experienced users. The reason is that the information about users is accessible to various third party clients. Hackers, ISP providers and other unauthorized people can easily get their hands on chat messages, Emails, browsing history and other data. Carrying out important tasks such as making online payments and viewing bank statements on such networks may lead to potential harm. Hence it is recommended to use a safe application such as ExpressVPN in order to keep your personal information secure and safely perform confidential tasks without any issues.

Secure Browsing:

The most useful feature of ExpressVPN is the support for various internet browsers. As its consequence, the users can easily enable VPN service when they are browsing internet through any browser. The proxy server lets you visit even those websites too that are not available in your country. The IP address is not shared with the website and this identity information is hidden for your own safety. You can also access content and music videos from any part of the world and enjoy many movies, songs and cartoons on your mobile phone or computer. It is a reliable tool that provides internet access at fast speed.

VPN Locations:

The major function of a VPN service is to use a virtual address for your PC and protect your identity form unauthorized users. Thus whenever you attempt to visit a website or perform any online activity via unsafe network, this virtual location is used as your identity. Whenever any hacker or spy tries to access your personal information, this address will prohibit his actions. ExpressVPN offers support for more than 140 locations and lets you choose any of these for your system. These locations are chosen from all around the globe. 94 countries are present in this list and users can select any of these locations as per their requirement. This feature has played a vital role behind its worldwide success.


ExpressVPN is a fast working application that enables you to quickly hide your identity from intruders. It uses SSL encryption technique while transmitting sensitive information. ExpressVPN is optimized to support fast internet browsing, due to which you can enjoy high quality videos on your computer without any lagging. Furthermore, it runs as a background application on PC and consumes limited resources. Hence you can easily use other applications without any delay.


ExpressVPN is a cross platform application compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android OS as well as with routers. The activities performed are encrypted and are not recorded anywhere. Unlimited bandwidth enables users to browse internet and download content at fast speed. Various virtual locations are supported and users can switch their location as many times as they want.