FileZilla Reviews

FileZila is open-source, free software designed for cross-platform FTP application. It is most often used to transfer files to or from a remote computer. The information transfer method is a standard method FTP (file transfer protocol). The programming was created in early 2001 and updated to keep up with changing technology. The FileZilla software includes FileZilla Client and FileZilla Server. The software is compatible with various operating systems including macOS, Linux, and Windows.


  • Resume compatible
  • Support IPv6
  • IP filters
  • Available in 47 languages
  • Ability to overwrite files, if source is newer
  • Ability to overwrite files when file size is different
  • Preserve timestamps
  • Speed limits
  • Tabbed user interface
  • Master password
  • Site manager
  • Network configuration wizard
  • Bookmarks
  • Remote file search
  • Keep alive command
  • Drag and drop to download and upload
  • Ability to adjust transfer speed limits
  • Filename filters
  • Directly compare local files and server files

Feature Highlights

Site Manager

The site manager manages server lists and uses a transfer queue to order file transfer tasks.

Filter for Specific Files

Filename filters allow the user to search for specific files. The filter can be set for certain conditions and then only files meeting that search will be displayed.

Network Configuration Wizard

The network configuration wizard makes setting up intricate network settings easy to do. The configuration wizard walks the user through each stage of the set-up process.

Remote File Editing

Files can quickly be edited on the fly on the server side. There is no need to download the file, edit it, and re-upload it to the server with this ability.

Export Queues

All files can be exported to an XML format file. Information included in the report includes pending, failed, and finished sequences. The report can be saved, emailed, and edited as needed.

Available in 47 Languages

People all over the world can use FileZilla to transfer files. The software supports 47 different languages. The files can be transferred in one language and converted to another when recovered.