Google Earth

Google Earth

With over 100 million Google Earth download operations on iOS and almost 3 million through the Google Play Store, this app is easily one of the most popular digital mapping systems in the world. Earth and Google Earth Pro offer a 3D look and 360-degree navigation to and around almost any location in thousands of regions and millions of neighborhoods and communities on Earth. Use Voyager to travel to exotic locations, scout your next vacation, visit NASA, and more.

Earth is available in over 67 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Armenian, Arabic, Ukrainian, Zulu, and more. Learn more about its features and compatibility across multiple operating systems and devices here.


Google Earth is compatible with every operating system, including macOS, Windows, Ubuntu/Fedora, and also Linux.

The 2022 update of 9.153.0 for iOS offers standard bug repairs and includes Dark Mode for iOS in addition to iOS 14 Coarse Location for iOS devices. For iPhone and other Apple devices, the latest version requires an operating system of iOS 14.0 or later.

Google Earth is also compatible with Android devices, and its last update in December 2021 of 9.151.02 offers single swipe ease to help you to travel to any location. For Blackberry devices, it can be downloaded by entering your phone number in the search bar of Google Maps or visiting it on your web browser.

Key Features

The key feature that powers the application is its Search function, which will take you almost anywhere you want in the world. For an advanced search, create Knowledge Cards to give you instant information on the location of your choice, using Keyhole Markup Language 2.2 (KML) support.

Additional features include Google Sky, which allows you to view constellations in real-time, plants, and also the moon of the Earth. Many photos can be installed as 3D objects and, for Windows operating systems, videos such as placemarks are available.

The mapping system allows you to zoom in and out of every location, and turn to every corner of the community or region that you are in. Images can be configured to create data ranges so that you can adjust your images to see what you need to see, without details that won’t be relevant to your needs.

Configure Data Ranges on Images

Imaging with Google Earth features advanced contrast and brightness settings using ranges between min and max, in addition to gamma boundaries and parameters that allow you to adjust images as you need to. Adjust by color, tones, and format as you see fit.

These parameters can be applied to narrow your visibility range and gain precise markings on the images and locations of your choice.

Your Privacy Protected

While traveling the globe from your smartphone or desktop, your privacy will always be protected with both in-app privacy protection and data protection on your desktop. Privacy features will vary based on age and location, with some international locations blocking Internet traffic or opening up the possibility of data tracking, aspects that are protected by Google.

When you use Google Earth Pro, your private information and usage data are secure and will not be shared without your consent.

Today, Google Earth is the most secure way to travel the globe without actually being there.