HitmanPro is a powerful computer malware cleaner program, that aims to detect and remove malicious files, even though they look innocent at a first glance. In fact, this special program goes beyond just simply removing usual viruses, bots and Trojans. It helps you get rid of any lingering infections in a fast and simple way. In addition, this program can run alongside your current anti virus program, in order to catch anything that may have slipped through. By using it, you can have the following benefits for your computer.

Detects Malware in no Time
Hitman Pro uses a number of special online tools’ to detect malware. It offers you with some amazing features. For example, one of the best features of this special computer program is its Scan Cloud feature. By using these scan results, Hitman Pro gets some results and decides if the files are malicious, safe or unknown. In case there is an unknown file, the client has to upload this file to the Scan Cloud, which scans the file with 5 different antivirus programs to find if it is malicious or not.

Offers Advanced Protection to your Computer
HitmanPro.Alert protects your computer by clearing it of all traces of any malware. It uses a number of real time advanced technologies to stop malwares and at the same time it blocks possible hacking attempts and prevents program exploits. More specifically, this program stops these brand-new threads by searching and analyzing any kind of suspicious activities on your computer.

Contains a New Featured Special Version
This program also has the ability to create a special USB drive, that contains the HitmanPro. Kickstart version. Actually, this is a special version of Hitman Pro that it can be used directly from a bootable USB drive. As a result, it has the capacity to remove even the strongest infections, like Rasomware from your computer. You need to remember that these kind of infections can really disable you from being able to use your Windows Desktop.