Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a VPN application and very popular among Android, iOS, Mac as well as Windows users. Hotspot shield support users by enabling access to regional or geo-locked information for an extra open internet.

Using this hotspot shield, users enjoy complete security as well as privacy. The virtual private Networks(VPN) protocols are highly integrated by enormous security companies all over the world and have successfully bypassed numerous security audits.

This software promises the users a top-notch performance. It has servers across the globe that offers people with millions of IP address for master class anonymity.

Hotspot features

Unlocked websites

Various places like libraries, schools as well as May employment places restrict some websites like twitter, facebook, YouTube among others. With hotspot shield accessing these websites is just a piece of cake since this app bypasses such firewalls as well as filters.

Anonymous Use of Web

Hotspot Shield creates a protection wall around the user to hide their identity. Following such encryption, your online activities are more secure and private since users are free from snooped or tracked by the government, ISPs, employers as well as hackers.

Hides IP Address

Malicious individuals, hackers, as well as various institutions, monitor people’s internet by use of IP address. Other than that, they employ various tactics to gain information of bank accounts, credit cards among others by use of IP addresses. However having hotspot shield put in place, users can hide their IP addresses by either choosing a remote or a different location offered by the VPN’s servers.

Online Security Enhancement

Users enjoy a complete online security with the use of Hotspot Shield. Whenever they use VPN to access the internet, they can be surely assured that their personal data among them including passwords as well as online accounts are encrypted profusely.

Public Browsing Protected

Every time a user is on an unsecured or public hotspot network, hotspot Shield blocks all kind of snoopers or any other attackers from looking on user’s online activities or their computers.

Anti- Malware

Hotspot Shield gives full protection to its users against malware. This is accomplished by monitoring the websites users visit to ensure there is no malware found on it. In case they are found, the software definitely blocks it to give the user double protection and preventing them from attacking computers as well as mobile devices.

For your online privacy as well as protection from attackers, consider putting in place hotspot shield. Since it has numerous features, you will do all your online activities with a top-notch security.