IrfanView Reviews

IrfanView was created by the developer Irfan Skiljan. It is a versatile free image viewer for Windows, which supports over 70 file formats, including RAW, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, EPS and GIF. The software also offers support for animated PNGs. The whole list of all supported file formats can be found on their website. It image viewer is not only suitable for private use but also for professionals. With the support of the optionally available IrfanView plug-ins, video and audio files can also be played after installing the software.

The software is available in German and English as standard. But you can find also another language on the manufacture’s website.

Image viewer with slide show and thumbnails

Thumbnails provide a quick overview of your own image collection. In the image management of IrfanView, you can set how you want the preview images to be displayed. An image file can be opened via the image viewer or a slide show. To do this, you need to select all the desired images and then play the slide show manually or automatically. If the downloadable audio plug-in is installed, music can be added to the slide show. In addition, slide shows can be put together in EXE format or screensavers.

Editing pictures

With the help of some functions, images can be also edited with it. For example, there is a plug-in for filters, as known from Adobe Photoshop. The photos can be zoomed, rotated, cropped or converted within the software as well. JPEGS can be rotated losslessly and you can edit your photos by adding various other effects. In addition, the freeware can be used to convert multiple images using batch processing. it also repairs red eyes. Due to the breadth and complexity of the functional scope of IrfanView, there are many instructions and tutorials on the Internet, as you may get used to it first.

Different versions

The image viewer IrfanView runs both as a 32-bit version and as a 64-bit version under Windows. However, not every plug-in is compatible with the 64-bit version. The image editor can be started from a USB stick without installation, thanks to IrfanView Portable. It was developed for Windows only, but with the support of Wine, it can also be used on Linux systems. Irfan Skiljan is working on making the software compatible with tablets. A graphical user interface for Windows tablets has been created since version 4.41.

Free plugins

The manufacturer Irfan Skiljan offers it and the IrfanView plugins completely free, as long as you use the image viewer for private use. Donations are welcome and he is also always open to suggestions, reactions or comments on his website. According to Irfan Skiljan, registration is required for commercial use of the software. Commercial users should send 10 euros in cash to the developer for the one-time license. However, the licenses can also be purchased via PayPal or credit card. The IrfanView installer also offers the Google Chrome installer. If you don’t want to install this browser, you just have to remove the corresponding check mark.

IrfanView is a simple, fast and free image viewer for private use.

The first version 1.20 appeared over 20 years ago since then Irfan Skilian has been continuously developing the software.