Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor software is used for video editing in MAC OS 10.6 and Windows XP computers. This softwareis used to edit, cut and alter a video recording thus ultimately transforming a video to fit the deserted effect.It ensures picture perfect quality enhancement such as stabilization and magic enhance, and synchronizes sound to images. Movavi editing software is also used to add text and animation to videos, split musical tracks and finally save the videos in a variety of compatible formats such as MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, and more.

b) Movavi Video Editor’s features.
Movavi video editor has a modern dark grey design with a video player component, a control panel and a taskbar of open media files. Its unique design makes it easy to import and export files and undertake other editing tasks. Its media player has a sliding time line that supports up to 100 tracks. Movavi Video Editor’s stabilization feature produces a near perfect and accurate picture compared to other video editing software.

c) How does Movavi Video Editor work?
Movavi video editor has a simple instruction guide on how to edit videos. The initial step is to open the software. The next step is to add media files to the program’s timeline board in line with one’s intended idea. The third stage would be to cut or trim the video clips. The next step is to choose the preferred transition to use for the video clips. One can then choose a filter or special effect to apply to each clip. The next step would be to select captions or titles for the video clips. Finally, one should add the audio background track for an effective narration. Finally when the project is complete one can save it onto the required device.

d) How much does Movavi Video Editor cost?
Movavi video editor currently retails at about $40 and also comes with a free 30 day trial version.