Netflix App Reviews

Netflix App Reviews

Netflix offers everything from movies and series, to documentaries and animation. They also offer a large diversity of genres, from romantic comedies to horrors and fantasy, and almost everything in between. And another reason this streaming application is loved across the globe is due to the fact that people can enjoy the shows in their native language, with the help of the numerous subtitles offered.

Compared to the “rent-a-movie” industry, the Netflix App offers different monthly plans, which only get more expensive the more devices you intend to watch on. This means that you can watch as many movies or series as you would like to, and still pay a fixed amount every month. If you’re not sure whether you would be interested in what Netflix has to offer, no worries. Netflix offers a one-month free trial to all its new users. This allows them to test the waters, without paying a cent. If they wish to continue the following month, then that’s when the fees begin.

Personalization and convenience are what Netflix thrives on. The following is a short list of features offered by Netflix:

  • Create your on List – if you’re scrolling through all the shows, and you want to watch so many of them, but you’re afraid you’ll forget them, don’t worry. Just add them to your list, which will be a collection of your personal selections.
  • Skip introductions – if you’re busy binge-watching your favourite series, but every episode starts with a recap of the last episode and the opening title, you have the option to skip all of it and continue with the next storyline.
  • Download shows – if you know you’re going to be somewhere with a poor internet connection, you can download a show beforehand which you can then watch, even when you are offline.
  • One paid subscription, multiple screens and accounts – if you are part of a big family, and everyone wants to watch their own thing, not a problem. As long as your subscription allows for multiple screens, the family can watch whatever they desire.
  • Multiple languages and subtitles – as mentioned before, viewers never have to avoid a show that is not in the language that they speak, as Netflix offers subtitles for all its shows. You can even change the language of the application in the settings menu.
  • Underage viewing – for parents who are concerned about the variety of shows available on the Netflix, there is a Parental Control option in the settings menu in order to restrict what your child watches.

The Netflix app offers more features to make it secure and personal for each subscriber. It even offers Ultra HD 4K viewing for those who want to enjoy their entertainment with the best resolution. More and more people continue to join Netflix each year, as its popularity comes from the satisfaction of its users.