Norton AntiVirus review

Norton AntiVirus review

Norton Antivirus is a malware prevention and removal software program. The best product of its kind, Norton Antivirus outshines all other security software options on the market today. Though it may cost more than other products, it literally cannot be beat in (it passed 2 independent studies with a score of 100% in the defense against malware) the category of security protection.

Special Features

Combining the most needed features into one software, Norton Antivirus boasts antimalware, antivirus, phishing protection and the filtering of email spam. The security software protects your computer from suspicious downloads and dangerous websites. Scans are run on known malware definitions. These definitions need not be downloaded and stored on the device itself, as was done in the past, but are now stored on a cloud-based database. Going even a step further, the software is almost predictive, as it can catch threats earlier than before due to its ability to analyze behavior that can be classified as suspicious.

As simple as reading a traffic light, the color coded system offers the user an easy way to maintain computer safety. An icon in the program changes to yellow when updates are needed and red when the detection of a serious threat to the computer is made. Norton Antivirus also has a tool that securely stores your passwords. The default is set to scan the device once a week without the need of prompting from the owner. Should you decide to scan more often, this malware scan frequency can be changed in both the Settings menu and the Security section. The purchase of one license is able to protect up to five different devices. The program works on PCs, Macs, iOS and android devices. The program’s protection can be monitored from an individual’s online account. From this online account it is possible to move the protection between devices and even add it to devices.

But, the most exciting feature available on the online account is the ability to protect your devices if stolen. Devices can be locked, wiped clean, made to scream (too hilarious) and even located. These features add an even more impressive advantage of Norton Antivirus over all the others. Purchasing a subscription entitles the owner to customer service offered 24/7 through online chat and a telephone call center.

Identity Protection

The Identity section contains four tools for customized protection, which include Statistics, ID Settings, Identity Safe and Password Generator. The statistics feature informs the user of how frequently different options of the program are used. The ID Settings manages the ratings of website safety and protection against phishing. Identity Safe compiles passwords, financial reports and other information considered sensitive. This information can be imported from other password managers or entered manually and maintained in cloud storage, which is encrypted, for the ultimate in safety coverage. Finally, Password Generator utilizes a Web page that assists in creating random passwords with higher levels of strength.

Final Say

Norton Antivirus is touted as the best malware protection software in the world providing better protection and more features specializing in security, than any other product in the same category.