paint.NET Reviews

Paint.NET was coded using C# language in order to provide users with a more advanced tool than default Paint software. It offers various options, features and effects that are capable of creating eye catching graphics or turning your flat images to attractive ones.

Paint.NET is the computer application built on .NET framework and is used for editing raster graphics. It is the advanced from of Paint software which is available with every version of Windows operating system. It is a free tool that allows you to use many of the features and functions that are present in paid tool, Adobe Photoshop. Though it is not as complex and professional as this licensed product, however, it is a great choice if you wish to use a free tool which is suitable for intermediate expertise.

User Interface:

Paint.NET is an effective tool for creating new images or editing the existing ones. Since it works only in the presence of .NET framework, it is necessary to have its updated edition. Otherwise, the installation wizard of software will install the framework. It is an easy to use application with various options. You can create multiple layers in an image for dealing with each component separately. In this way, you can make changes easily and quickly. These layers can be added, deleted and merged in no time. Furthermore, you can resize images, flip or rotate them and can use a lot of tools for their modification.


Paint.NET enables you to improve the quality of images by adjusting their properties. Through its menu option of Adjustment; you can manage auto level, convert the theme to black and white, enhance brightness or contrast, adjust curves via control points, improve hue and saturation, invert color scheme, adjust levels by histograms, posterize on the basis of RGB colors and can use Sepia scheme to change the look of original picture. Enabling the pixel grid can help you analyze the images more efficiently.


There are many effects or filters available that can be applied through the software. The artistic effects help you convert the images to ink sketches, oil painting or pencil sketch. The blurring effect can be applied by using fragment, Gaussian blur, motion blur, radial blur, surface blur or unblur. Distort option allows you to pixelate, crystalize or twist image. Noise can be increased or reduced as per requirement. Red eye removal and sharpening options are most frequently used by photographers. Moreover, you can render the pictures or stylize them with lots of tools.

Other Features:

The software is very easy to use and provides support for keyboard shortcut keys in order to make its use much easier and feasible. The software is available for free and all the updates can be downloaded for free too. You can use undo and redo options countless times as there is a large enough space reserved for storing the history of actions performed. It lacks a few features as compared to Adobe Photoshop or other similar tools, however it gives good competition to free applications.