PureVPN Installation

PureVPN is an online data encryption program, allowing its users to browse the internet with total security. It works through the P2P content download system, which will allow all the information that we generate when browsing the networks does not leave a trace, as well as that all the files that are downloaded do so anonymously and without the possibility of being intercepted by the hackers of the network.

It is a very simple operation program, through a clear and very intuitive interface that will help all users learn how to handle it, even in those who have a very low level of computing.


PureVPN is a downloadable program for our desktops, laptops and also for mobile. In addition, for those people with greater knowledge in the handling of this type of applications, they will be able to install a series of extensions in their web browsers the utilities of the program. In order to get hold of the program, the first thing we have to do is go to its official website.

Once in it, the next thing to do is to search for the downloads section of the program and click to start the download to our computer. It is important that before performing this step, we check the features of the software well and whether our device is compatible to use it. It is possible that if we have an old computer or with a reduced capacity, we will notice that the operation of the program is not adequate or that we cannot even install it.

Once the download is complete, we will have to search for the “setup” file in our download folder, where the downloaded files are usually stored. Then we will click on the file and wait for the software installation window to start. Normally that installation process is very simple and you only have to follow the steps that are indicated.

Once PureVPN tells us that it has been successfully installed, the next thing we have left is to start enjoying our program and configure it to our liking.

Program functions

Network security and anonymity

With PureVPN you can browse completely securely and anonymously all over the network, from anywhere in the world. For companies that handle important content this feature is really necessary. Thanks to this program you will be able to browse without fear of data theft.

Unlimited access to content

If you’re a restless user who likes to enjoy streaming content from all over the world, you’ll be glad to know that thanks to PureVPN, content restriction issues will be over forever.

For example, if you live in Europe and want to watch a national video from Mexico City, you’ll usually see a screen indicating that content isn’t allowed for European users. If instead of the standard method, you do so through the PureVPN virtual server you will be able to access it as if you were a Mexican citizen.

High speed

Thanks to this program you will be able to say goodbye to the usual speed problems on your internet server. With PureVPN you’ll navigate at full speed, even when the national server is in trouble. It’s all advantages.