Microsoft PowerPoint

A Review of Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint 2018 is a highly innovate & versatile software program that uses slides to convey or present information that is rich in multi-media.

How to Use Microsoft PowerPoint
1. Choose a theme
After opening your PowerPoint, you will see in-built templates and themes. You can choose a theme that you like by selecting it then click on create.

2. Insert a new slide
Go to the Home-Tab then click on New-Slide to pick a new slide layout.

3. Save your presentation
On the top-left of your Ms PowerPoint Page is the File tab, click on it and choose save. Browse and pick on a folder that you want to save your document in .Type the name of your presentation in the File-Name box then click save.

4. Add text
After saving, you will be taken back to your slide presentation where you will add your text .Select a text place-holder by simply clicking on your slide then start to type.

5. Format your text
In case you want to format your text, select it then go to the Drawing Tools menu and choose Format. You can change your Text’s Outline by choosing Text Outline, Color by choosing Text Fill or use the Text Effects to apply reflection, 3D rotation, bevel, glow, transformation, shadow etc.

6. Add pictures and Speaker Notes
Add pictures by going to the Insert Tab and choose a picture on your internal server or local drive. To insert a web picture, go to insert then choose Online Pictures and use the search box to find the image. After choosing the picture, click on Insert.

Speaker Notes are little helpful notes that you can refer to when presenting because sometimes your slide is contains a lot of information and it’s good not to cram so many things.
In order to open the Notes-Pane, click on Notes which is found at the bottom of the Slide window then Click inside it and add your notes.

7. Finally, give your presentation
On the Slide Show tab, you can click on either From Beginning in order to start presentation from the first slide or From Current Slide if want to start from where you are currently. If your presentation is online, click on Present Online and choose either Skype for Business or Office Presentation Service.

After presentation, get out of the Slide Show View by pressing the Esc key on your Keyboard.

MS PowerPoint Features
MS PowerPoint has so many useful features. They include:
1. The Morph transition: It helps you to make smooth transitions, animations & object movements.

2. Office themes: They are four theme colors i.e. Black, White, Dark Grey and Colorful.

3. Designer Ideas: The designer ideas panel pops up as soon as you insert a picture and it has several layout options for the graphical design of the current slide. If none of the design ideas appeals to you, you can create your own design layout.

4. Quick-Shape format: If you draw a shape in your slide, there are a number of preset-styles that are available to expand you color and formatting options.

5. Screen recording: It’s a perfect feature for demonstrations.

6. History feature: lets you see the list of changes that you have made on your slides. You can even access the earlier versions of the slides.

7. Sharing and Collaboration: Share your presentations with others through OneDrive, SharePoint or any other online sharing location. Collaboration means that you can co-author the slides with other people in a real time environment. You can see which slides they are working on and where they have made changes.

8. Smart LookUp: it gives you an easier access to searches by selecting a word on the slide, right-clicking on it then choosing the Smart Lookup. You can search from Wikipedia, Bing and Oxford dictionary.