SHAREit Reviews

SHAREit is software that allows users to transfer a wide range of files from one device to another and also functions as a media player. These files may include music, videos, photo, apps, documents and so much more. SHAREit is free and compatible with several devices such as PC, smartphones, and tablets. It’s very reliable when it comes to speed and quality-delivering, a possible reason why millions of users rely on it. The software uses the wifi technology to transfer data from one device to the other.

Features Speed Unlike other ways of file transfer, SHAREit is by a huge margin very fast. For instance, compared to Bluetooth; a very popular way of transferring data between two devices, it is about 200 times much faster. Without external interferences, transfer speed can go as high as 20MBs per second in transfer speed. It is by far one of the fastest data transfer applications you can get for your devices.
Supports all files for Transfer There is no question on limitation of the format of the file you are transferring. Whether is music, photos, videos, documents, or any other file format you can think of, you can never go wrong. SHAREit does not interfere with the files which means the file you transfer from one end is received in the same format and quality by the other device.
Video player to stream in HD Other than transferring files and data, SHAREit has an inbuilt media player. This media player supports high definition (HD) videos either through streaming them or the saved offline videos. The media player can also play high-quality music either online or offline. SHAREit supports quite a range of popular formats which include MP4, MP3, MPEG, 3GP, MKV among others. Depending on the quality preferences, the software has the option of an equalizer that allows you to equalize the sound to a preferred tone.
Personalizing There is so much you can do to make SHAREit more interesting than it already is by personalizing it. You can get GIFs and stickers online to add to the software to make it funny. If at all you don’t like the interface wallpaper, you can always change it at any time. SHAREit makes it less boring to transfer files.
Compatibility SHAREit is not limited only to certain devices. There are different versions for different devices which all works the same and has the same functions. For computer users, there is a version for Mac OS and Windows users, and for smartphones and tablet users there are available versions for iOS and Android.
It’s not hard and complicated to use SHAREit to transfer data. All you need to do is connect two devices with SHAREit to via same wifi and from there you can share files from both ends of the devices. The software is free so you don’t have to incur any transfer cost at all. With the simply made interface, anyone can be able to use it, after all, the hundreds of millions of the downloaders would not have gotten it in the first place.