Slack Reviews

Slack is the solution to today’s remote and onsite business challenges. Projects requiring expertise from across the globe or locally are brought together in a local team forum to discuss strategy and collaborate ideas, to bring any project to a satisfying conclusion. Whether your business is three associates working from home, or one thousand spread across three continents, it will streamline your business projects into a single space.

Just a few ways Slack can work for you:

  • Customizable #channels keep your workspace organized.
  • Collaborate with teams outside your company as well as within.
  • Privately chat with specific team members.
  • Integrate all your workspaces into one by connecting with over 2,200 apps, such as Asana, Dropbox, Trello, Google Drive, and Zoom.
  • Inclusive Design allows you to customize Slack to your business needs.
  • The Workflow Builder allows you to automate your routine tasks and communications.
  • Uptime is maximized for a quick response through real-time coding.
  • Mean-time to resolution is cut dramatically.

Slack stays up to date with your needs. They work with their customers to create content that works for them.

  • Soon, iPad users will enjoy a layout that is more akin to the desktop version, with two columns for easier navigation on the left and their respective columns on the right.
  • Host up to 250 organizations, including your own with Slack Channels.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are up to date with you.
  • Video clips will keep your teams connected and add a personal touch to your messages.

After incorporating Slack into your business toolbox, you will see a significant uptick in team productivity through cooperative workflow, connectivity, and streamlined processes. Repetitive tasks are automated, helping to curb redundancies. Real-time sharing allows all team members to follow changes as they happen. When your team members are unable to meet in person, this is a solution for the person-to-person interactions that are so important to the success of any team.