Snapchat App

Open up a world of fun and creative social expression with old friends and new friends alike. With The Snapchat App, you will find fun and new ways to interact with your old friends.

Unlock new ways to enjoy your friends and discover more reasons to strengthen your bonds.

Snap Photo’s and Video’s

Snapchat opens right to your camera app so you can send a photo or video in seconds. Share with friends what is happening in your world.

Add Snap Filters for a fun way to interact with your friends. With new selfie lenses, you can create entertaining videos and pics that your friends will love to see.

With your 3D Bitmoji, you can change the way that you look and dance for your friends. You can even change your face.

You can also create your own filters to share with your friends.

Chat Your Friends With Snapchat

Staying connected with your friends is easy with the chat function. You can create groups of up to 16 friends and share privately.

Video chat in your group with fun filters and lenses to spice up the conversation.

Create exclusive Friendmojis and Bitmojis that only your group can enjoy.

Discover New Friends

Access exclusive content from top publishers and creators every day. They will appear on your feed, so you don’t miss any of the fun.

Stay up to date with breaking news delivered right to your phone.

Enjoy Original shows and community stories that are tailored to your interests.

Find Out Where Your Friends Are Hanging Out

Want to know what is happening around you. Turn on your location and see Snap Stories community nearby or anywhere in the world.

Share your location with your friends and let them know where you’re at so they don’t miss out on any fun.

See where your friends are hanging, so you don’t miss out on the party.

Maps help bring your community to life, but if you don’t feel like going public, you can always go ghost mode and keep all the fun for yourself.

Relive Your Memories

Have a memory that you love, with Snapchat Memories; you can save that memory to your free cloud.

Edit those memories and save them to your camera roll or send them to friends.

Is there a special moment you stumble upon? Don’t pass it buy, send it to your friends and family so they can enjoy the moment too.

Create Friendships That Last

Create a unique friendship profile for you and your best friend that you can share and save special moments together.

Use charms to find out new things that you and your friends have in common. Take your friends ship to the next level by celebrating friendship anniversaries and even astrological compatibility.

These friendship profiles are for just you and your friends, so let the bonding begin.

With so much Snapchat has to offer, you will always find something new to try. With updates coming all the time, there is always a new way to interact.

So dive in and find out why Snapchat is the most fun way to share a moment.