Spotify Reviews

Spotify is your one-stop streaming site for your favorite music and podcasts. It can be as advanced or as simple as you’d like it to be, and with 8 million artists and an abundance of features to keep your music running smooth, Spotify is bound to have something for you.


There’s a lot to love about this app.

High quality audio

One of Spotify’s most enticing features is its audio quality. With a free Spotify account, you get immediate, easy access to quality music streaming, and with an upgrade to premium, that quality gets even higher– up to 320kbit/s to be exact.

Never stop listening

Dodgy internet connection? Spotify’s still got you covered. With offline listening enabled, Spotify allows you to download your playlists so you can listen to your favorite tunes even when your internet’s M.I.A. What’s more, Spotify will automatically adjust your streaming quality (per your preference in your settings) to make sure the music keeps rolling on slow internet connections.

Find your new favorite song

If you’re looking for some new songs to listen to, Spotify’s got a few tricks for that too. Every week, Spotify puts together a playlist of recommended songs based on your listening history with options to block songs and artists you don’t vibe with. There’s also a system called Spotify Radio which generates a list of songs based on any song, album, or artist with the click of a button. Still not enough for you? Check out their daily mixes, a set of style-specific playlists put together based on your listening history featuring saved songs and new songs alike.

And more

Keep all of your music in one place with Spotify. Even if you have songs downloaded to your computer, you can listen through Spotify by enabling the feature in your settings.

Never miss a beat with Spotify’s release radar. This feature is available from the front page of the app and shows the newest songs from your favorite artists so you’re always up to date.

And that’s just for the music part of Spotify. You also have access to podcasts and livestreams, all available through the same app. Spotify even tracks and recommends upcoming shows from artists you follow, not to mention the merch links available on artist pages.

Social features

If your friends use Spotify too, you can share your music with each other no matter how far apart you are. Spotify’s group session feature allows you and your friends to listen to music together while sharing control over what’s played from your own devices. Whether you’re just tired of phone speaker quality or you want to share tunes with friends miles away, group sessions allow you to connect better than ever.

You can also follow your friends to share your listening activity to their feed, and Spotify also allows integration to Facebook and Discord to even further broadcast your activity to your friends while they listen along. Don’t worry, though– if you’re not into that, you can listen in private through the app as well.