As am sure you’d agree and have witnessed over the years, the digital world continually sees several inventions and improvements. Consequently, an equal rise in problems such as evolving malware like viruses, trojan horses, adware, rootkits, spyware, bugs, worms, bots et cetera. To protect your pc or laptop from such disruptive and damaging software, you need to install an anti-malware program like SpyHunter.

SpyHunter is a secure and highly-effective malware detector, blocker, and remover designed to suit devices whose Operating system (OS) is Microsoft Windows. Since malware is continually evolving and adapting to many anti-spyware tools, SpyWare uses the latest tools to outsmart any malicious programs present. Once downloaded and installed, SpyHunter will achieve this by doing a thorough system scan and notifying you once any malware is detected.

It will then prompt you to reboot your PC and will get rid of the present malware in the process. In case a more advanced malware like rootkit is detected, a more extensive process is required. A rootkit allows for your computer to be remotely controlled and it frequently changes its position making it difficult for typical software to remove it. To entirely remove it windows must be stopped since rootkit might have affected other files that run on windows. Conveniently, the latest SpyHunter Version includes a customized Operating system to allow for a windowless reboot.

Other than the scanner that contains a scheduler, SpyHunter includes several other features like Backup. In case a backed up file or program is removed by the SpyHunter, you can restore it to its previous location from this section. Slightly similar is an Exclusion panel where you add items you want to be skipped in future system scans to prevent deletion for instance. There is also a General Settings to help personalize SpyHunter to fit your desired needs.

But that’s not all, SpyHunter 2018 latest version also includes a SpyHunter Help Desk platform where you can contact a support team 24/7 regarding any SpyHunter related issues. The platform involves either a support ticket system or a custom fix system. All in all, SpyHunter aims to restore and improve your computer’s performance through protection from any malware.