Steam Reviews

Steam Reviews

Steam is one of the premiere gaming platforms of our age. You’ll find thousands of games as well as a thriving community of over 100 million players. Steam also features the ability for individuals to upload their own games as well as mods and other content.

Here’s a few key features of this gaming platform. 

  • Over 100 million regular users
  • 30,000 AAA games and countless indie titles
  • The Steam download is available on OSX, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems
  • Steam Chat keeps you connected to friends across games
  • Steam Broadcast makes streaming gameplay quick and simple
  • Steam Workshop and other creator features let you upload your own games and mods


Steam as a gaming platform with nothing but highlights. There’s countless reasons to download Steam today. One of the biggest with them is that the Steam platform is free. Here’s a few other key takeaways about Steam.

Over 50,000 Games

You’ll find an endless variety of games on Steam. There’s no online space that has more games than this platform. There are currently over 50,000 games on Steam.

You can find the latest AAA releases and much more on Steam. This ranges from games that have had years of popularity to brand new indie hits that are making waves all over the media.

The Steam platform helps indie game developers find an audience as well as letting gamers play their favorite AAA titles.

Exclusives, Award-Winning Games, and Games Curation All in One

The type of content you find on Steam is unlike anything to find anywhere else.

Steam has come a long way from its early days and now features well-respected video game curation. This means award winning games, exclusive titles, and the best of the best when it comes to gaming.

A Thriving Community Focussed on Video Games

There are over 100 million users on Steam. On any given day, you can find well over four million active players enjoying everything from classic games, to brand new studio releases, to the latest indie games.

This community is about more than just playing. The community on Steam also creates. There’s a thriving scene for video game modding as well as game devs discussing craft and releasing new titles.


Steam is a digital platform that hosts over 50,000 video games. These games range from Triple-A titles like The Witcher 3 to indie smash hits like No Man’s Sky and Disco Elysium. New games are constantly being released for Steam including exclusives that only show up on the platform.

The Steam download is available for almost every operating system. You can get the Steam download for Mac, Windows, and even Linux operating systems. Steam also has support for mobile gaming on Android and iOS. Steam even has its own gaming platform for a dedicated gaming experience.

The Steam community adds another layer of excitement to this gaming experience. You’ll find everything from reviews to custom-made mods for your favorite games. Some of the most popular games out there today got their start as mods.