Steam Reviews

Steam Store and Community

Steam is the ultimate in gaming reviews and downloads. You can find the latest games and gaming reviews on this site. Reviews of the games are completed on a regular basis by the Steam community.

When first logging onto the Steam home page you will find four choices– “Store, Community, About, and Support” located at the top of the page. Each of these headings is a link to a new page. Let’s explore where each of these links takes you within the site, beginning with the store.

The Store

In the “store” link there are six drop-down links to choose from–home, discovery queue, wishlist, points shop, news, and stats.


A special feature you will find is a listing of all the games separated into categories. This allows the gamer to locate the game they wish to play quickly.


Every game you purchase on Steam earns points that can be used towards the purchase of other products. For every $1.00 spent on Steam, you earn 100 points. You can earn points whenever you purchase DLC, applications, any games, soundtrack or other products online.

The Steam Community

This is a feature of the Steam website that offers gamers the opportunity to read reviews and participate in discussions.  The community can discuss Steam download products and features to make the best possible choices.


Check out the Steam workshop that allows you to download, create, and discover new gaming content. Set up a page on the Workshop by incorporating a preview of your item using the 3D Sketchfab with screenshots and videos.


Anyone who wants to can join the discussion forums on Steam–whether you are a beginner or advanced gamer. There is also a search feature you can use prior to posting an inquiry in the forum. This unique feature allows you to discover whether your question has already been taken care of.

Steam Deck Hardware

You will find all the gaming hardware you need on the Steam website. There are headsets, controllers, and the incredible Steam deck that gives power to your portable system. Steam and AMD joined forces to design a customized APU Steam Deck. The ideal solution for portable gaming.


This Steam Deck hardware allows your gaming library to appear instantly upon logging in. All of your favorites are easy to locate and left exactly where you leave them. The full-size controls allow you to play long sessions of games in comfort. Positioned to give users a precise, within reach control. The back of the unit is made to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of hands.


When you want to connect to outside displays, your Steam deck can be propped up using this official dock. It also aids in hooking up the power, USB peripherals, and other wired networks. If you have a USB-C you can also use this to power the dock.


The last important feature about Steam is its awesome support system. Steam is here if you need to access personalized assistance, review orders, or check the status of your account. Simply sign in to your account and search the issues, games, and features.