TeamViewer Reviews

TeamViewer Reviews

TeamViewer comes packed with features for users in any scenario. With TeamViewer, you’ll be able to remotely access desktops, laptops, and mobile devices at a moment’s notice. Here’s just a few of the features that will be keeping your team together:

  • Easy TeamViewer download for Mac, PC, and mobile users
  • Integrated service management
  • Offer real-time support for your team
  • Built-in video conferencing
  • Permanent access to TeamViewer devices
  • Share screens on any device
  • Secure file transferring for mobile users


What makes TeamViewer standout? Let’s take a quick look at a few of the highlights of this software.


One of the biggest highlights of TeamViewer is the security features that our software offers. it offers end-to-end encryption using 256-bit AES encryption and other industry-standard features like two-factor authentication. it has been independently certified by SOC2, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISO 9001:2015. TeamViewer’s software is also fully compliant with GDPR which means you’ll be set to work on a global scale with our software.

Cross-Platform Performance

We’re using more devices than ever to stay connected with the internet and stay connected with our teams. This means that you’re going to have key players using Android, Windows, iOS, and plenty of other devices. This software was built with this cross-platform performance in mind. Our software currently works with over 127 different devices meaning that everyone in your team can stay connected. TeamViewer has your back no matter what technology your team uses.

Keeping Your Team Connected

TeamViewer enables working from home like no other software. Your team will be able to access sensitive files on their home as well as have support from your IT department even when they’re on the road. The TeamViewer download and installation can be done from any device whether it’s your home PC or your iPad.

How we work is changing. With more people working from home and traveling as part of their jobs, companies need a way to keep everyone connected no matter how far apart they are. TeamViewer allows you to have remote access, IT support, and mobile connectivity no matter where in the world your team is located.

TeamViewer allows you to remotely access your team’s devices. This means that you can check up on work progress and make sure that your team is where they need to be even if they’re working from home. Remote access also means that your IT department can help with problems even if people can’t bring the devices into the office.

Remote IT support allows your IT department to fix issues even when your team is traveling for the job. TeamViewer allows IT staff to remotely access everything from desktop computers to iPhones in order to troubleshoot problems.

TeamViewer also keeps mobile devices connected. Your team can use any device as they please because it works with Android, Windows, and Mac devices. With features ranging from video conferencing to file sharing, it is a one-stop solution for staying connected in a remote workplace.