Microsoft Word

The Most Interesting Features Of Microsoft Word

If you’ve been stalling your Microsoft Word download, you shouldn’t any longer. With better and faster performance, and a myriad of upgraded software tools, your Word has never been the most ideal software to improve your productivity. If you want to know how a Microsoft Word download can change your life, keep on reading.


OneDrive Personal Cloud Storage

Whether you work from home or in an office, ensuring the safety of your important documents is your number one priority. With OneDrive, you can save your essential documents and access them from any connected device. In addition, Word online allows you to collaborate on your shared documents from anywhere in the world. With enabled AutoSave, you no longer have to worry about losing any of your work. Your personal vault is highly protected by a two-step identity verify security feature. This advanced security on your OneDrive is ideal to keep digital attackers away.

All-inclusive Software Licensing

You no longer need to worry about your software licensing and the difficult navigation process. Running your business and worrying about software licensing for each team member is a thing of the past. Your all-inclusive licensing for your software should make it easier for your team members to manage various software solutions according to their needs. You can choose from two license options.

  • A one-time purchase that doesn’t give you regular updates.
  • A monthly subscription with live updates and consistently improved features.

Word Processing Software

Get the most out of your documents with these different Word processing software tools.

Editor Overview Pane

You can effortlessly review your work in real-time and make suitable corrections on the go. If you care about enhancing elements of your writing, you can access self-assessments on the dashboard. With recommendations to improve your writing, you’ll never have to worry about your stylistic issues ever again. You not only enhance your writing with the exceptional Editor Overview pane, but it also allows you to track your changes in a manageable way.

This superb editing tool grades your work and makes it easy for you to tailor your work according to the tone of voice that you choose. Choose the professional option when you want to transform your document into your business webpage. Having this feature helps when you’re running out of time on your deadlines and need to fix everything at once. You can easily use the voice feature to read your work back to you. It’ll make it easier for you to catch any mistakes.

Resume Assistant

Moreover, you can land your dream job with Resume Assistant that’s powered by LinkedIn to improve your resume writing skills. The AI powered premium templates from PowerPoint allow you to conveniently create and edit your presentations on the go. You can save time on your writing with the upgraded task pane. You can access your online resources without leaving your document window.

3D Models

If you’re running a nonprofit and need to do your annual reports, you want to add interesting models to show your donors realistic information. With Microsoft Word, you can insert 3D models of your infographics to show off your calculations. Your models are enhanced by 3D control that allows you to rotate them in any direction if you want to focus specific parts of your object.

Financial Management Tools

Get a grip on your finances with enhanced Excel features. Keep track of your budget and expenses to see where your business needs better financial management solutions.